211120 - Bendigo Bank Community Wall_3751

Bendigo Community Wall

“I painted that!”

Over two weekends, WCI (Wynnum Commerce Inc.) invited Wynnum locals  to paint a well-known wall in the middle of our business district.

The wall was designed and prepped by professional street wall artists All City Walls and ‘coloured in’ by our local enthusiasts.

Painters booked themselves into paid time slots, which were sold out before painting had even begun.  As the response from the community was overwhelmingly positive, money raised on the day will go back into creating another community wall.

Bendigo Community Bank Wynnum-Manly, corporate members of WCI,  donated the the funds to get this project off the ground and we thank them for their support.

If you missed out on contributing to this wall, keep your eyes out in 2022 for the next one.


211120 - Bendigo Bank Community Wall_2607_800
211120 - Bendigo Bank Community Wall_3751